How to Achieve Your Goals Faster by Getting Outside Perspectives

Don't Fall Victim to Blind Spots

Achieve Your Goals Faster by Getting Outside Perspectives | Don't Fall Victim to Blind Spots | Amazing Gains

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I just had a pretty wild idea and I wanted to tell you about it right away.

But first, a story.

The Rise

Back in the day, good ol’ Pablo had a huge chip on his shoulder.

I used to tell myself that I was a King.

The King had all the answers and woe be unto the person who tried to correct him.


The King had paid his dues and no one could tell him what to do.

He did the damn telling.

But one day he was stopped dead in his tracks.

The Fall

A coworker had the nerve to call him out.

The King had already decreed that he was going on vacation but at the last minute he was given an ultimatum.

“Either finish these tasks before you go off on vacation, or move your vacation altogether.”

The King was furious.

But he had a wise adviser.

Seeing the Full Board

chess-board-top-perspectiveHe connected with his adviser and relayed the terrible tragedies that had befallen him at work.

To his surprise, the adviser cheered.

The King was confused.

“Is this a joke? I told you about how terrible my day was, why are you happy?” the King said.

“I’m so glad you found out about the unfinished business BEFORE you went on vacation! Imagine how it would have ruined things if you had leave to go back to work in the middle of it!”

It was that day that yours truly laid down his crown for the last time.

Getting Perspective

Having different coaches or advisers in my life has helped me gain new perspectives.

They shaped me to be the man I am today by guiding me on a journey outside of my limits and my comfort zone.

They helped me get to goals faster with a lot less pain:

  • Like my goal of breaking through my deep introversion to give my best speech ever to hundreds of people.
  • Or my goal of starting an online business.
  • Or my goal of getting fit enough to compete in a physique competition (still working on that one).

Having someone covering your blind spots is an invaluable tool.

Talk soon.

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