Ep. 031 Egbert Von Frankenberg: The Immigrant Advantage

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On one of the podcasts I used to listen to (Open for Business hosted by John Henry) there was a particular episode that really inspired me. In it, he tells the story about 2 fishes swimming along their day. A big fish swims by and greets them “hows the water?” He says as he goes by. Afterwards, the 2 fishes, stunned, turn to each other and ask “what’s water?” That story pained a clear picture for me of the immigrant’s advantage. Because they’re put into an entirely new situation and way of living, they have a unique eye for things natives only think of as the norm.

That perspective was one of the huge benefits that got Egbert to where he is in his company Knightfox App Design here in Jamaica, and it’s one of the things I wanted to understand more, which is why he had to be on this podcast. His story was also interesting to me because he lived in several countries, but decided to put his roots here when many natives are looking for the first plane off this rock.

If you’re as curious as I was, you’ll find a lot in this episode.


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/egbert.v.frankenberg

Knightfox Website – http://knightfoxapps.com

Enjoy the episode and thanks for listening!


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