Why You Should Go Off the Deep End This Weekend

Overcoming Overwhelm in Your Online Business

Overcoming Overwhelm in Your Online Business | Amazing Gains

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Last weekend my wife and I went completely off the deep end.

It all started on Saturday with us crawling out of bed after more decent people would have been eating their lunch.

Actually, because of the 36°C weather, it was more like peeling ourselves off the bed.

Despite the late start, we headed out for groceries straightaway.

Well… the prospect of being in the supermarket AC may have bolstered us just a tiny bit.

On the way back we had an *amazing* idea. Why not get a large, Doritos covered, stuffed crust pizza to take home for dinner?

No big deal, right?

Screw the diet I’d finally gotten a grip on in the past few months.

Screw the migraine my wife was guaranteed to get from the mountain of cheese which awaited us.

In that moment, reason did not exist.

Morning fail: check.

Afternoon fail: check.

Perfectly completing the trifecta, we spent the night swallowed up in a sea of movies and TV shows.

Sunday was different.

By midday we found ourselves in deep discussion on everything about our business:

What our goals are, what our path is and if we’re in the right place. By the end, we made a lot of progress.

But why am I even telling you this?

I can’t say with certainty that it was a guilt-free weekend.

But I’m really happy that we slowed things down and reconnected to our WHY.

To ask tough questions which led to a lot of insight and perspective into our business and strategies we had never considered before.

Turns out, sometimes, the best thing to do to is just to take a break from everything.

Overcoming Overwhelm | Stay Motivated | Take a Break

Take a Break to Stay Motivated

There’s this romantic notion of hustling 24/7 and never stopping. It sounds like the perfect thing to do but the truth is it’s not going to work for most of us.

You can’t grow and learn without reflecting on the progress you’ve made and the direction you’re heading in. That evaluation and the ability to pivot keep us climbing.

Understanding yourself and being honest are the first steps. In the comments section below, tell me:

  1. How do you honestly feel about your business or your job/career right now? Can you describe it?
  2. If I could create something (maybe a course, or a programme) especially for you, what would it be?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Talk soon.

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