Ep. 026 Ja’dan Johnson: Redefining the Young Entrepreneur

The Transformation Blueprint 026 Ja'dan Johnson

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How do you organize huge events and connect with high-impact influencers like Mark Cuban and Gary Vee all while being under 20 years old? For the Managing Partner of Disrupt Ventures, Ja’dan Johnson (officialjadan), it’s by being the type of person you don’t underestimate.

When most of us were thinking about girls, games and exams, Ja’dan was enrolling in Wharton Business School – he was on a quest for knowledge. Through shutting down his business and dropping out of university, twice, he discovered his passion for helping to grow businesses and formed the Disrupt Ventures incubator.

Through his non-profit organization Next Gen Creators, he’s showing the youth of Jamaica what’s possible in entrepreneurship and technology by curating some of the most engaging events covering tech, finance, art and music. Through DV he is teaching young entrepreneurs how to build world-class scalable businesses with topics like finance, innovation and design thinking. Awesome, right?!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why you should feed your ambition and confidence,
  • How to craft solutions that fit your unique perspective,
  • How to navigate the business world as a young founder or professional,
  • And so much more!



  • Ja’dan introduces himself and talks about what he does
  • Converge Summit and how it came together
  • Where did his passion for Tech come from?
  • Ja’dan’s relationship with the World Bank and it came together in the first place?
  • The source of his passion and drive and his high school experiences.
  • Dropping out of university twice
  • His transformational experience in New York
  • The inspiration behind and the creation of Disrupt Ventures
  • Why he decided on starting an incubator
  • Why he isn’t taking money from investors for Disrupt Ventures yet
  • What is the status of Disrupt Ventures is now?
  • Ja’dans take on whether innovative ideas are lacking in Jamaica right now
  • Businesses need to be built organically for Jamaica
  • What some psychology tailored to the Jamaican market that businesses can use?
  • How did Ja’dan develop the confidence to sign on big corporate clients at 15?
  • Paul and Ja’dan talk how to navigate business development as a young founder or business person
  • The inspiration behind Next Gen Creators
  • Is it common for people at his age to have this passion for tech/entrepreneurship?
  • What adults need to do to support young entrepreneurs and how to handle failure
  • Ja’dan shares some failures he has had
  • “You don’t need money, you need a better strategy”
  • What happened to Nas Daily & Steli Efti at Converge?
  • Why Ja’dan did not open the event by telling everyone Nas and Steli were not coming
  • How did build these relationships in the first place?
  • Why Next Gen Creators is non-profit
  • At what point does FREE become not valuable (or valued)
  • Ja’dan’s Favourite and recommended books
  • What is next/on the horizon for Ja’dan
  • How people can connect with Ja’dan
  • The qualities of the people who make up Ja’dan’s inner circle + what he spends most of his time doing



Instagram: @officialjadan
Facebook: officialjadanjohnson
Website: JadanJohnson.com/
Public calendar: meet.jadanjohnson.com

Enjoy the episode and thanks for listening!


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