Knocking out champions with animal instincts

What to do when motivation runs out

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There’s a phenomenal scene from this anime I used to watch.

Most anime shows go WAY over the top, and this one was no exception.

In this scene, our guy is in the boxing ring as a challenger in a title fight. He’s getting totally hammered and had no more miracles up his sleeves. The reigning champion was just too many levels above him.

The champion lands the final punch and our guy’s view fades to black.

Then suddenly, he snaps back to the present and starts rampaging – a flurry of punches, then another, till finally, an uppercut and the champ goes down for the count.

After the count, it cuts to our guy waking up and wondering what on earth happened.

Turns out that his dedicated training was so ingrained in him, that it kicked in and like an animal instinct, it performed on its own, even while he was unconscious.

Cheesy? Yes, for sure. But at its core it shows exactly what this post is all about.


Motivation is great. And I thought about writing something that would motivate you to crush this week.

But here’s the thing about motivation:

Sometimes you’ll have it, and other times nothing you or anyone does will light that fire.

What happens then? Do you not perform?

When motivation fails us, we will always revert to our conditioning underneath.

Since that conditioning is going to be like our back-up generator, we need to make sure that it is that fighting spirit that can keep us going even when we don’t feel like it.

We get that conditioning by showing up day after day, week after week, and month after month.

It’s another week, friend. So let’s get out there and start working on that conditioning!

Talk soon.

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