How to Plant a Rose in the Sand

Using Gratitude to Erase Negativity

Using Gratitude to Erase Negativity | Amazing Gains

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If you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing, don’t worry. Sometimes I don’t either.

That’s natural, it’s actually normal.

Actually, if you know someone who has their entire life together they’re either lying to you or they’ve given up on pushing themselves.

You’re doing the best you can with the tools you’ve been given in your life.


If you lived my life, you’d probably go crazy. I’m sure you can say the same, yet we are both still here, sane and in control.

We’re much harder on ourselves than we need to be and we’re probably doing quite fine in reality.

Which is why I want to talk to you about gratitude.

The fight against negativity

Two days ago I was overwhelmed.

I sank an entire day (and night) into filming some videos for an upcoming course only to find out that none of the content is usable because both the audio and video came out badly… really, really badly.

I was coming off a bad week too, with a serious stomach flu which took me out of commission for days. No real food, drowsy all the time and no gym for an entire week. Not to mention the damage it did to my business.

I could go on and on.

But that’s the problem isn’t it.

Without anything to stop the gap, we can go on and on in an infinite loop of complaining, despair, frustration and depression.

Gratitude brings the peace, growth, and the understanding that it’s probably not as bad as we think, that we may not be focusing on the right things.

The facts of the day didn’t change, they still happened and they still sucked, but I could handle them.

I got some help for my next iteration of videos to really kick the production value up a notch, plus I got some well needed R&R with a little bit of Teen Wolf binging.

Understand this: we can’t create positive things in a negative state.

Using Gratitude to Grow | Amazing Gains

Use gratitude to grow

We can’t plant a rose in the sand.

So can I suggest this one practice?

Every night before bed, open a notebook, put down the date, then write down 3 things you’re grateful for.

Be deliberate about it and try to think creatively for 3 different things each night.

Do that for a couple weeks and let me know what it does for your mood and your sleep.

Talk soon.

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