Ep. 031 Egbert Von Frankenberg: The Immigrant Advantage

Egbert Von Frankenberg Transformation Blueprint Paul Stennett Knightfox

That immigrant perspective was one of the huge benefits that got Egbert to where he is in his company Knightfox App Design here in Jamaica, and it’s one of the things I wanted to understand more, which is why he had to be on this podcast.

Ep. 029 Sloane Jackson: Intrapreneur Success Secrets

Sloane Jackson Transformation Blueprint Paul Stennett BMW Mini

Sitting down for this interview I had only one objective: to understand how this guy makes it his duty to make as many luxury cars disappear out of the lot as possible. I wanted to break it down in a way that anyone listening – myself included – could replicate, raise their prices and get more customers.

Ep. 028 Garth Walker: Taking Huge Risks in the Face of Adversity

Garth Walker Transformation Blueprint Paul Stennett Business Access

We often take for granted the things we’ve grown to see as the norm. We forget that they weren’t there at some point. We’ve come to accept the increased focus and transparency on entrepreneurship and the business landscape in Jamaica, but most of those strides were made by Wealth Magazine and Business Access TV.

Ep. 027 Scott Dunn: Dominating the World of Entertainment Tourism

Scott Dunn Transformation Blueprint Paul Stennett Dream Weekend

If you have a great corporate job, and you’re on an upward path, making excellent money, would you leave it all and risk getting nothing? Scott Dunn’s “dream” was too big to ignore, and he’s getting paid massive dividends for jumping off into the deep end.