The new normal

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When I was a young’n I dabbled a lot in athletics.

I ended up being the (heavily disputed) fastest sprinter in my prep school, but in the beginning I was the worst.

It didn’t help either that I was tall and lanky. People looked down on tall sprinters at the time, Usain Bolt didn’t bring it into fashion yet.

Every day, twice a day, in practice, I would do laps ‘round and ‘round the field with the faster dudes (read: everyone else on the team), then take my bee-hind to head-to-head 100 metre sprints.

I’d always lose. It was tough and demoralizing and I hated it.

It was like this for about 3 months and I finally got to a point where I was going to take the hint, do my coach’s job for him and cut myself from the team.

But then something strange happened.

One morning doing drills, I started to edge my way past every single person on the track as if my body was moving on its own.

Then I assumed my position on the 100 meter track, not nearly as flat-out busted as I was accustomed to being. The whistle went off and I was the first person to get to the end, setting a new personal record with enough time to stand in disbelief like a deer in the headlights while my competitor hurtled into me, knocking the wind out of my lungs… but I digress.

It was as if I got to a “new normal” where I was naturally faster. My athletic life got way more fun from there.

The “New Normal” is a concept I consider every time I’m about to try something new, big and scary.

The concept of the New Normal is that every beginning is hard and often times frustrating. And how hard and frustrating it is increases exponentially to the size of the goal you’re pursuing. But if you can stick it out, you’ll clear the summit and enter a “New Normal” where your once hard efforts become effortless.

Want to lose 50 lbs? Write a book? Create a 7 figure business? Talk on stage to millions of people? Start a morning routine? Anticipate and prepare for the fact that it’s going to be hard, you’re going to feel like giving up and you’re probably going to suck really badly at the start.

But if you keep grinding, keep perfecting your craft, you’ll eventually get to a point where you look around and things aren’t so difficult anymore. It’s easier to get clients, you look forward to working out and eating healthy, the words come freely to you, you wake up before the alarm and you look forward to your routine.

Being the achiever you are, you’re gonna keep setting new and bigger goals for yourself and so you need to remember this to get through the hard parts.

There’s no formula to it. No one can say how many days it will take for everything to click. But like magic it will snap into place. Trust me.

If you give up or stop trying for a while before you hit the New Normal, then it’s always going to be hard to do the right thing or the things that will bring you closer to your goals. You’re gonna lose your momentum.

You have to start and you have to keep going.

Talk soon.

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