Very few people think about this

How to conquer the one thing worse than fear itself

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Fear is a theory.

We’re afraid of a possibility that may not even come true.

We get so caught up in the theory of what might happen, that it stops us from taking a single step.

Fear is a theory, but regret is reality.

If you let fear trap you, it turns into regret.

Regret is reality. And, like a scar, it’s permanent.

You can never get rid of that moment in time when you didn’t act.

You may come to accept it but the regret will still be there under the surface. “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” “Why didn’t I trust myself?”

Don’t let fear turn into regret.

We shouldn’t be focusing on trying to stop feeling fear, but we need to work our bee-hinds off to avoid regret.

Regret is a reality and a choice.

Defeat regret with action.

Why not make the choice to take some massive action right now towards what you want?

What will you choose?

Talk soon.

P.S. I hope this gave you the required kick in the bee-hind to go out there and do something great. If you need help taming that beast, grab the book I attribute the most for changing my life “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz.

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