Wet Hot Tropical Summer

Navigating Life's Seasons

Navigating Life's Seasons

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The summer is SUPER hot.

If you’re not in the tropics right now, you’re missing out.

It’s the one time per year in life I realize that all year round the sun was only playing around, “Just kidding! The real show is about to begin!”

This summer makes me think about the human race – but this could be the heatstroke talking.

Humans are great.

Humans have learned a lot by studying and replicating how things work naturally.

We’ve fashioned cameras from our understanding of the eye, built planes from our understanding of birds.

But even with all our accomplishments, we ain’t got nothing on the natural power of the seasons.

Life’s Seasons

Navigating Life's Seasons | Amazing Gains

Think about it, for thousands of years the world has had to change and adapt to each new season.

We can’t manufacture seasons yet, but we can learn from their power.

We each go through seasons in our lives, and like summer, winter, spring and autumn, we know a few things for certain:

  • They don’t last forever, so if you’re going through a bitter winter in your life, spring is right around the corner.
  • They each have their specific challenges. Sometimes you can brute-force your way through problems, other times you need to surrender and be patient.
  • Surviving each season means you’re that much stronger for the next one.

Whichever season you’re in right now, you still need to be out there creating amazing things.

Go out there, adapt and create.


Talk soon.

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