What world domination can teach you about achievement

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Every now and again, there are these shows that have everything going for em’: top-notch acting, gripping storyline and stellar visuals.

Nowadays, the best ones for me are those that convince you to root for the villain.

If you’ve watched “House of Cards” you know exactly what I mean. When I got to the end of my season 3 binge I knew I was in the deep end… I’m with you all the way, Frank.

If you’ve silently (or not so silently) rooted for Queen Cersei, Walter White, The Joker or Tony Montana, you and I are sailing straight down The River Styx my friend.

I especially like the villains who start innocuous.

They’re doing the best thing for their family, for their honour or for love. But then somewhere along the way they’re forced to make a choice for the “greater good”… and we already know where they end up.

One thing is for sure though. All those villains, for better or worse, are relentlessly pursuing their mission.

Sure it might be revenge or world domination, but they thoroughly remove every single doubt on their way to fulfilling that mission.

Very much the opposite, is the business owner who has absolutely no mission. They see others making money or having an impact online, then make that person their vision of success. “I’m just gonna do what they did and I’ll make it too” – famous last words.

If you’re comparing yourself to others, you’ll never be satisfied.

They’ll never feel the accomplishment of success because they never set a goal for themselves. They’re chasing a moving target, a ghost. A long-distance impression of someone that doesn’t really exist.

If you’re not already doing this, I suggest you take a walk on the wild side instead.

Create a mission for your business that is tied to you and your personal growth. Do you want to transform lives? Do you want to empower others? Or is world domination your sport?

Build something that will continue to expand as you get better at being you. Think big.

Say it with me: I want to [insert big mission here].

Talk soon.

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